MSA Required Courses



Master of School Administration
Required Courses (MSA)

39 Hours

ADMN 6100    

Fundamentals of Educational Leadership


ADMN 6140  

Curriculum Leadership


ADMN 6105  

Legal Aspects of Schooling


ADMN 6120  

Instructional Leadership


ADMN 6161



EIST 5100    

Computer Applications in Education           


RSCH 6101

Educational Research Methods


ADMN 6110  

School Leadership and Management         


ADMN 6130

Supervision of Instruction


ADMN 6410

Internship and Seminar–Part I


ADMN 6420

Internship and Seminar-Part II    


*Program requirements are subject to change

Courses in School Administration

ADMN 6000 Topics in Educational Administration (1-6)May include classroom and/or clinic experiences in the content area. With department approval, may be repeated for credit for different topics.

ADMN 6100 Fundamentals of Educational Leadership (3) The developing role of educational organizations in the United States and the societal and cultural influences that affect the delivery of schooling. This course explores the structure and organization of American schools, administrative and organizational theory, legal, moral, and ethical dimensions of schooling within the context of restructuring and reform.

ADMN 6105 Legal Aspects of Schooling (3)   Education law for education professionals which focuses on the legal rights and responsibilities of students, teachers, and administrators and how these legal provisions affect educational policy and practice.

ADMN 6106 Legal Issues in Special Education (3)Survey of federal and state statutory and administrative provisions governing the delivery of education and related services to exceptional students. 

ADMN 6107   School Law for Counselors and Related Professionals (3)Legal issues and problems of special relevance to school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and related professionals who work with school-age children.  

ADMN 6110  School Leadership and Management (3)Examination of school leadership and administration, focusing on the role, tasks, and responsibilities that accompany school-based leadership.

ADMN 6120 Instructional Leadership (3)Examination of research-based teaching/learning models and the relationship between instructional decisions and curriculum experiences. Dynamics of group development and problems/practices related to providing instructional assistance to teachers.

ADMN 6130. Supervision of Instruction. (3)  Introduction to clinical supervision and development of skills in classroom observation, analysis, evaluation, and assistance. Systems of observation, principles of adult development in school settings, techniques for conducting classroom observations and conferences, and development of staff development programs to remedy assessed weaknesses. 

ADMN 6140. Curriculum Leadership. (3)Examination of internal and external influences on curriculum formation and development at the building level with emphasis on development of administrative strategies for curriculum decision-making which are driven by staff involvement.

ADMN 6161. The Principalship. (3)Examination of school administration focusing on the role, task and responsibilities associated with the principalship with special attention to the conceptual, human and technical skills associated with the principal. 

ADMN 6166. Educational Leadership. (3)Examination of leadership in formal organizations and social and behavioral science research concerning leadership ability with emphasis on educational organizations and the role of the leader in the accomplishment of organizational goals.

ADMN 6410. Internship and Seminar Part I. (1-9)  Academic year internship in educational administration designed to allow theoretical and course-based practical learning to be translated and interwoven into a supervised field-based experience. 

ADMN 6420. Internship and Seminar Part II. (1-9)A continuation of the internship experiences and seminar begun in ADMN 6410. 

ADMN 6490. Internship and Seminar: Administration. (3-6)Prerequisite: Department approval. Internship under the supervision of University and on-site personnel in a setting consistent with the student's professional goals in which the student will be involved in the diverse activities expected of the professional administrator. Seminars are held concurrently.

ADMN 6491. Internship and Seminar: Supervision. (3-6)Prerequisite: Permission of the department. Internship under the supervision of University and on-site personnel in a setting consistent with the student's professional goals in which the student will be involved in the diverse activities expected of the curriculum-instructional specialist. Seminars are held concurrently. 

ADMN 6601. Seminar in Administration and Supervision. (1-3)Prerequisite: Permission of the department. Examination of selected areas of interest in educational administration and supervision. May be repeated for credit with departmental approval.  

ADMN 6800. Individual Study in Educational Administration. (1-6)Prerequisite: Permission of the student's advisor. Independent study under the supervision of an appropriate faculty member. May be repeated for credit.