Ed.D. In Educational Leadership

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The Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare educational administrators who can assume mid-level and senior-level leadership positions in public or non-public schools, universities, or community college settings.. The program includes three concentrations: a Higher Education, PK-12 Superintendency, and Learning, Design and Technology.

Admission and Progression Requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog. Please see the information below:

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  1. Exhibit a broad understanding of their roles as educational leaders in the organizations they serve 
  2. Demonstrate leadership competencies and skills necessary to accomplish the goals of complex organizations
  3. Interact successfully with the numerous institutions and interests that influence their organizations 
  4. Understand theoretical concepts that undergird organizational theory and behavior, leadership,  social psychology, policy, educational administration, and research
  5.  Address issues that face educational leaders, including resource acquisition and management; policy development and analysis; program management; community relations; curriculum development; and personnel selection, development, and evaluation


The Educational Leadership Ed.D. program is offered with the working professional as well as the full-time doctoral student in mind. Since the program does not operate on a strict cohort model, students can move at their own pace within an 8-year time limit. The majority of our classes are offered once a week on campus in the early evening in a face-to-face setting.  We also have an increasing number of courses which are both face-to-face and online (hybrid) delivery settings and some courses that are 100% online. We have had students complete their coursework and comprehensive exam in 2-3 years.  Completion of the dissertation varies with topic selection and execution of research design.

Ed.d. graduate programs

  Dr. Cathy howell

  Program director


Higher Education Concentration 

Dr. ryan MIller

Program Coordinator


Superintendency Concentration

   Dr. Walter hart

   Program Coordinator 


  Applications are being accepted. Apply here.

 LEARNING, Design and Technology

   Dr. Florence Martin

   Program Coordinator


Applications are being accepted. Apply here.



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