M.Ed. in Instructional Systems Technology

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In today’s rapidly-evolving technological landscape, instructional systems technology professionals, equipped with cutting-edge experience in burgeoning trends perform vital functions in a variety of fields, including corporate enterprises, healthcare, government, military, engineering, finance, nonprofits, education, and more. An in-depth understanding of instructional design, technology integration, online learning, and multimedia production will prepare you to pursue your career ambitions with confidence in your foundational knowledge, practical skills, and ability to adapt to the fast-paced evolution of technology in every forum and facet of our day-to-day lives.

At UNC Charlotte, our Master of Instructional Systems Technology (IST) program offers three degree concentrations to align your scholastic pursuits with your personal and professional objectives. Our school specialist concentration prepares graduates to become licensed leaders of technology facilitation in K-12 schools and school districts, by providing professional development for other faculty members and modeling technology integration in the classroom. The online learning and teaching concentration is designed for individuals interested in pursuing online teaching positions in higher education as well as K-12 environments, such as specializing in learning management, distance education, educational media, or the coordination of instructional technologies. Finally, our training and development concentration is geared toward applications in the corporate sector as well as government, military, or even nonprofit roles in instructional design and development, analysis and evaluation, content development, and more.

Why choose our M.Ed. in Instructional Systems Technology?
  • Our 33-credit hour Quality Matters certified program is 100% asynchronously online, and our courses are immersive and highly interactive. This combination ensures the rigor, quality, and flexibility of our online learning environment, while focusing on the hands-on teaching methods that effectively prepare our students to excel in their future careers.

  • Our advisory board is comprised of thought leaders in the field of IST, who annually review the program to maintain our course offerings, classroom methodologies, and curriculum standards at the cutting-edge of the IST discipline.

  • Many of our courses are project-based and offer students the opportunity to collaborate, network, and create work for real-world clients. This experiential learning is the cornerstone of our program and serves to distinguish our graduates as exceptional candidates for potential employers.

Student Opportunities

The Center for Graduate Life provides the support and sense of community students need to meet the challenges they will face throughout their graduate experience. The Center offers workshops on topics like grant writing, presentation skills, publishing in scholarly journals, and understanding the academic job search. Virtual workshops are available online on subjects such as graduate academic writing and research writing at the graduate level.

The University Career Center provides services, programs, and support for students and alumni. Services include such options as an Education Career Fair held each spring semester, individual appointments with career advisors and the Hire-A-Niner online job and internship database.

Expert Faculty

Our program includes three full-time faculty members working in online learning and technology integration. Our esteemed instructors are consummate learners and avid contributors to the discipline of IST through publications, conference presentations, community outreach, and leadership positions within professional organizations. Our faculty also engage their students at the forefront of flourishing technological development, including grant-funded research opportunities, such as a National Science Foundation-funded project researching digital citizenship. Our professors also strive to provide a rigorous and relevant classroom environment, by keeping informed of current and emerging competency standards within the various professional organizations in the field of IST, promoting  job postings via our online alumni community network, and incorporating the latest tools and technologies in the field into our courses, which demonstrates the high quality education and career preparation you can expect to receive as a student in our program.


Our program provides numerous avenues for practical experience and hands-on learning. We encourage our students to convert classroom projects into research presentations to hone their understanding of the real-world applications of their classroom learning. Our program includes an internship in which our students produce work for an external client, offering opportunities for potential employer networking, production examples for their professional portfolio, and experience in the field. The capstone project, which students must complete prior to graduation, presents another opportunity to showcase the knowledge and skills learned in our master’s program for a real-world client, as students are required to engage with every level of their project from conception to completion- including analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of their final product.

Career Options

Our graduates are gainfully employed in a variety of roles. The school specialist concentration provides exceptional training for K-12 system instructional technology specialist positions, including: technology facilitator, technology director, media specialist, technology specialist, technology coach, and many other essential roles within the school system. Students from the online learning and teaching concentration can pursue higher education and K-12 roles as faculty support specialists, instructional technology coordinators, learning management specialists, distance education specialists, education media specialists, instructional designers and much more in both public and private institutions ranging from universities and community colleges to elementary schools and private educational facilities. Graduates of our training and development concentration are employed as instructional designers and developers, instructional technologists, e-learning specialists, corporate trainers, content developers, project managers, program evaluators, or instructional design consultants in environments ranging from corporate to government to nonprofit sectors. In whatever field you choose, you can excel as a vital member of your working community as an IST specialist.

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School Specialist - lEARN MORE

This concentration is for those who work in the P-12 system and who already hold either an “A” or “G” level teaching license from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (or from another state) for the new Masters/Advanced “M” license in Instructional Technology Specialists

Training and Development - lEARN MORE

This concentration is for the instructional technology personnel who wish to do training and development in corporate, higher education, government and military.

Online Learning and Teaching - LEARN mORE

This concentration is for those interested in designing, developing, or managing online learning and teaching.